News | 25.05.2022

Workshop’s Conclusions

Now are available the workshop’s conclusions:

1. The current events in Ucrania have let clear that Europe has to be independent in technology. As the primes used to buy Hall Effect thrusters in Fakel for GEO telecommunication spacecraft and Constellations, now is the perfect moment to support the European industry to take this place as the European and American primes will not go to Russia to buy these Electric Propulsion Systems. Hall Effect thrusters, Ion engines and HEMPT are the main candidates.

2. Interplanetary Missions will make use of Electric Propulsion as they are currently doing in Bepi Colombo and later on in Mars Sample Return, ERO.

3. Galileo is also using electric propulsion for orbit raising in the second generation, The PPS 5000 is the main candidate.

Full text here.