11th European Space Power Conference ESPC 2016

09.08.2016 | The 11th European Space Power Conference will be held in Greece from October 3-7, 2016. ( In the ESPC 2016 will be a dedicated Round Table on “Cost reduction for PPU’s in Electric Propulsion”. Monday 3rd October (16:00-18:00) EPIC PSA will participate in this Round Table with a dedicated presentation on PPU issues in the ... Read more »

H2020 Electric propulsion article on DLR Countdown newsletter

08.08.2016 | DLR EPIC PSA colleagues: Lisa Martín Pérez and Marc Jochemich, published an Electric Propulsion dissemination article on the DLR Countdown newsletter nº 32 issued on 01/06/2016 about the Electric Propulsion and the Horizon 2020 EU funds promising space technologies. Don´t miss it! You can read the full article in the following link: Countdown_Horizon 2020 EPIC ... Read more »

IEPC News: The 35th IEPC will be held in Atlanta

Picture announcing the IEPC 2017 01.12.2015 | The 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 8-12, 2017. Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA Date: October 8-12, 2017 Mitchell Walker (Chair) / Georgia Institute of Technology Vadim Khayms (Co-Chair) / Lockheed Martin Rostislav Spector (Technical Chair) / Aerospace Corporation For further 35th IEPC news, announcements and abstract submission details, ... Read more »

Snecma electric thrusters chosen by Space Systems/Loral

Artist impression of Alfabus 14.07.2015 | Space Systems/Loral (SSL) awarded a production order for several Hall Effect Thrusters from Snecma (Safran). This selection makes the European company Snecma a supplier for electric propulsion of the world leader in telecom satellites. Snecma’s contract with SSL comprises a firm order for several thruster flight sets between 2016 and 2018, as well as options ... Read more »

What does “Electric Propulsion” mean?

26.01.2015 | What does “Electric Propulsion” mean? Electric propulsion (EP) is used to change the velocity of a spacecraft using a propulsion system powered by electrical energy. The electrical power is used to accelerate a propellant by different possible electrical and/or magnetic means. The use of electrical power enhances the propulsive performances of the EP thrusters compared with ... Read more »