EPIC WORKSHOP 2018 in London

03.03.2018 | The EPIC PSA is pleased to announce that the EPIC workshop 2018 on the Space Electric Propulsion SRC H2020 activities will be held in London during 15-17 October 2017, organized by the UK Space Agency and the EPIC PSA. DATE AND VENUE The workshop will be held on 15-17 October 2018 in London, at the ... Read more »

EPIC Lecture Series 2017 presentations and videos available!

picture 21.11.2017 | The EPIC PSA is pleased to make public the presentations of the EPIC Lecture Series 2017 on Space Electric Propulsion and the videos (EPIC YouTube Cannel) recording the Lectures The EPIC Lecture Series 2017 was organized by the EPIC PSA and the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), and held on 26 October 2017 in ... Read more »

EPIC Workshop 2017 presentations available!

picture 19.11.2017 | The EPIC PSA is pleased to make public the presentations of the EPIC Workshop 2017 The presentations of the Space Electric Propulsion EPIC Workshop 2017 can be downloaded from the EPIC web The main objective of the EPIC Workshops is to present the Horizon 2020 Electric Propulsion SRC activities to the electric propulsion community and stakeholders ... Read more »

Electric Propulsion Strategic Research Cluster activities present in the IEPC 2017

18.11.2017 | International Electric Propulsion Conference 2017 (IEPC 2017) The EPIC PSA and most of the on-going EP SRC Operational Grants were present and presented papers on Space Electric Propulsion with their latest developments in the IEPC 2017. The 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference (IEPC) was organized during 8-12 October 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). The 2017 ... Read more »

European electric prolusion thrusters have been selected by Boeing for their commercial satellites

14.07.2017 | Safran Aircraft Engines and its PPS®5000 electric propulsion Hall Effect Thrusters (HET) have been selected by the satellite manufacturer Boeing to provide an electric propulsion subsystem to support orbit-raising on a commercial satellite program. The first HET thrusters along with their PPU will be delivered in 2018 for a satellite launch planned in 2019. This ... Read more »

COMPET-3-2016 Proposals selected !

01.09.2016 | The evaluation process of the Electric Propulsion Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) call H2020 COMPET-3-2016 finalized by end of June and REA sent a notification to each proposal coordinator with the result of the evaluation and the evaluation form by beginning of July. The list of proposals selected is still preliminary pending on minor evolution and ... Read more »

Airbus and Thales plan ordering satellite electric thrusters from Snecma

Picture of HET thruster 01.02.2016 | The French company expects to sell 35 plasma-electric satellite propulsion units per year over the next decade following an agreement with Europe’s two largest satellite prime contractors on the use of Electric Propulsion. CNES has used a public bond fund to help finance the development of the Snecma´s HET thruster, and complementary, the European Space ... Read more »

Snecma electric thrusters chosen by Space Systems/Loral

Artist impression of Alfabus 14.07.2015 | Space Systems/Loral (SSL) awarded a production order for several Hall Effect Thrusters from Snecma (Safran). This selection makes the European company Snecma a supplier for electric propulsion of the world leader in telecom satellites. Snecma’s contract with SSL comprises a firm order for several thruster flight sets between 2016 and 2018, as well as options ... Read more »