SRC Operational Grants

SRC Operational Grants

These are the current on-going SRC Operational Grants:

The proposals selected under COMPET-3-2016-a (Incremental Technologies) are the 3 proposals presented:

•             CHEOPS

•             HEMPT-NG

•             GIESEPP


The proposals selected under COMPET-3-2016-b (Disruptive Technologies) have been 3 proposals from the 18 presented:

•             GaNOMIC

•             HiperLoc-EP

•             MINOTOR

The proposals selected in the 2019 Call for disruptive technologies are:


  • AETHER: Air breathing Electric THruster (Sitael, Von Karman Institute, Surrey University, Transmit, RHP, Astos)
  • EDDA: European Direct Drive Architecture (Thales france, Thales Belgium, Sitael, Thales germany, University Carlos III, Efficient innovations)
  • HIPATIA: Helicon Plasma Thruster for In space applications (Sener, University carlos III, Airbus France, CNRS, AST)
  • NEMESIS: Novel electricide Material for enhanced electric propulsion solutions (Advanced Thermal devices, University Carlos III, giessen University, EXOTRAIL, FOTEC)
  • PJP: Plasma Jet Pack ( COMAT, OHB Sweden, CNRS, University der Bundeswehr Muenchen, Thales France, plasma Solve)
  • iFACT: Iodine Fed Advanced Cusp field Thruster (Airbus Germany, Airbus SAS, EASN, Southampton University, FGZFDAF, Aerospazio, Giessen University, ENDUROSAT)

Information on the projects, its objectives, its activities to be performed and the progress of each project is available on the EPIC PSA web in coordination with each Operational Grant as part of SRC dissemination activities in line with the Collaboration Agreement.