News | 11.08.2016

SRC DAY 7th July 2016

SRC Workshop GAPREA and the EC organized on 7th July a dedicated Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) day in Brussels. All partners of the selected proposals for funding under the COMPET-3-2016 and COMPET-4-2016 calls, were invited by REA, together with EPIC and PERASPERA SRC Program Support Activities (PSAs) for a working day meeting to kick off the Grant Agreement Preparation (GAP) period and to initiate the coordination between the selected proposals and the PSAs to harmonize the proposals with the SRCs objectives and the work to be performed by the PSA.

Presentations were performed covering different topics such as: Strategic Research Cluster Instrument; Grant Agreement Preparation process and timeline; Role of the Programme Support Actions; and the Collaboration Agreement and its signature process.

This working day was a perfect occasion to solve questions and to start the GAP period, and also to start the interaction between the future Operational Grants (OGs) and the PSAs on the fulfillment of the SRC objectives and the activities of the PSAs to be supported by them.

Finally, all projects gave a presentation on each proposal on its main objectives and activities to be performed, including: consortium; expected impact on the European competitiveness; work methodology; main reviews and milestones; etc.

GAP 2016 milestones


The SRC Day was a unique opportunity to discuss with the SRC participants those aspects of the Grant Agreement Preparation that are specific to the SRC, in view to proceed as soon as possible to the Grant signature. These specific aspects relate in particular to the interaction with the other Operational Grants and with the PSA, as aspects included and set out in the Collaboration Agreement available in the PSA website, which must be signed by all partners in line with the text of the H2020 call.