News | 01.12.2015

IEPC News: The 35th IEPC will be held in Atlanta

The 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 8-12, 2017.


  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
  • Date: October 8-12, 2017
  • Mitchell Walker (Chair) / Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Vadim Khayms (Co-Chair) / Lockheed Martin
  • Rostislav Spector (Technical Chair) / Aerospace Corporation

For further 35th IEPC news, announcements and abstract submission details, the IEPC 2017 website will be soon operational.

EPIC PSA will participate in IEPC 2017, and present in due time a Paper on H2020 Electric Propulsion SRC and EPIC activities.


The 36th IEPC in 2019 will be held in Austria as announced by the Electric Rocket Propulsion Society.


The 2015 34th IEPC Papers are already available online.