News | 16.06.2017

EUTELSAT 172B, the first European all electric propulsion telecom satellite is on his way to GEO

The EUTELSAT 172B satellite of Eutelsat Communications was successfully launched into space on 2nd of June by an Ariane 5 from Kourou. This is a great milestone for Europe and its space Electric Propulsion community. EUTELSAT 172B is the first European all-electric Telecom satellite.

Picture showing satellite deployment

After the launch, EUTELSAT 172B satellite has entered a new phase of its journey in space with the initiation of the ascent to geostationary orbit. The first European high power electric satellite, built by Airbus DS, will take approximately four months to complete the climb to 172° East, monitored by Eutelsat and Airbus DS from Toulouse using a dedicated network of stations located around the planet. Eutelsat’s new satellite is scheduled to enter into service in the fourth quarter of this year.

Since launch, EUTELSAT 172B has undergone a series of critical maneuvers that include positioning of electric propulsion motors attached to robotic arms in preparation for orbit-raising, and the full deployment of solar panels to generate power during this phase.

EUTELSAT 172B will deliver increased capacity for fast-growing applications that include in-flight and maritime connectivity, cellular backhaul, corporate networks, video and government services. It will be located at 172° East, a key neighborhood providing exceptional Asia-Pacific reach over land and sea, from Alaska to Australia. Designed to replace EUTELSAT 172A, it will provide increased capacity, more power and improved coverage via C and Ku-band payloads connected to a range of service areas.

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