EPIC Work Performed

The EPIC work performed up to date

EPIC started as the Electric Propulsion SRC PSA on 2/10/2014, and the EPIC Contract Agreement nº 640199 was signed by ESA on 19/11/ 2014, and later by its partners (ASI, BELSPO, CDTI, CNES, DLR, UKSA, Eurospace and SME4SPACE).

A number of the above described tasks have already been performed by EPIC on its first  years of life (October 2014 – September 2018) to support the European Commission and the definition and implementation of the first SRC 2016 Call (COMPET-3-2016), the second SRC 2019 Call (SPACE-TEC-13-2019) and the preparation of the last SRC 2020 Call (SPACE-TEC-28-2020) for Operational Grants:

PSA support activities


Tasks performed under each work package (WP):

  • WP1: Project Management: Organizing the work, programmatic, financial and legal. Managing communications with EC/REA.
  • WP2: Technology mapping and applications collection: Organisation of first EPIC workshop in Brussels.
  • WP3: Activity Definition and Master Planning: Prioritisation of activities and definition of the SRC EPIC Roadmap. Organisation of second EPIC Workshop in Stockholm.
  • WP4: Direct and continuous support to the European Commission: Preparation of the 2016 Call Text, Technical Annexes and the Collaboration Agreement. Preparation of the 2019 Call Text and Technical Annexes. Preparation of the 2020 Call Text.
  • WP5: Dissemination: Definition of the Dissemination Plan. Increase in activities post publication of the H2020 2016-2017 Work Plan. Media Activities: EPIC website and Logo. Use of social media and presence at congresses and symposiums. Workshop 1 (2014) in Brussels, Workshop 2 (2015) in Stockholm, Workshop 3 (2017) in Madrid, Workshop 4 (2018) in London.
  • WP5: Education: Lecture Series (2017) in Madrid in collaboration with UC3M, Lecture Series (2018) in London in collaboration with QMUL.

A number of Deliverables have already been produced and provided by EPIC to support the European Commission and the definition of the SRC Roadmap:

  • Database EP technologies and TRL,
  • Database of EPS key requirements and technical specifications for current and future missions,
  • Workshop 1 report, Workshop 2 report, Workshop 3 report and Workshop 4 report,
  • Critical review and gap analysis of requirements vs application domains,
  • Trade-off analysis of EP systems/technologies to be proposed for future developments,
  • Roadmap for SRC activities,
  • Master plan for SRC activities,
  • Collaboration Agreement,
  • Call texts and information package (technical annexes) for; SRC 2016 Call, SRC 2019 Call and SRC 2020 Call for Operational Grants,
  • Dissemination Plan,



To reach the SRC objectives and elaborate the SRC Roadmap, EPIC mainly organized three workshops to consult with stakeholders, and to present and review the SRC activities and review the European EP technology developments:

  • The first one on 25-28 November 2014 at Brussels to identify the state of the art in EP technologies, and identify the requirements and need from all related stakeholders,
  • The second one on 11-12 February 2015 at Stockholm to define the priorities for Incremental Technologies,
  • The third one on 24-25 October 2017 at Madrid to present and review the SRC activities and review the European EP technology developments,
  • The forth one on 15-17 October 2018 at London to present and review the SRC activities, present the SRC 2019 Call text and guidance document, and review the European EP technology developments,

SRC roadmap elaboration work logic