News | 09.05.2017


The EPIC PSA is pleased to announce that the EPIC Lecture Series 2017 on Space Electric Propulsion will be held in Madrid at CDTI premises during 26 October 2017. The EPIC Lecture Series is a recurrent educational activity of the EPIC PSA under the Electric Propulsion SRC Horizon 2020.

The online registration will be open in due time on the EPIC webpage at the following link:, were all details, preliminary programme and practical information about this education event could be found.



The EPIC Lecture Series 2017 will be held on 26 October 2017 in Madrid, at:Logo

CDTI: – Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology

Calle Cid nº4 28020 Madrid – Spain.



EPIC aims mainly at providing a clear integrated roadmap of activities and a master plan for its coordination and implementation through the Horizon 2020 Electric Propulsion SRC, but also at organizing educational events, trainings and Lecture Series on the subject in coordination with ESA and national space agencies educational programmes and resources. These educational events and material are envisaged as a suitable vehicle to promote the interest on Electric Propulsion and space science and technology, among science and engineering students.

The EPIC PSA project will organize EPIC Lecture Series in conjunction with EPIC Workshops in Madrid on 2017, in London on 2018 and in ESTEC on 2019. The target audience for the EPIC Lecture Series 2017 will be university students from Europe, although a higher participation is expected from local universities. The attendance will be free of charge for students and EPIC Workshop participants.

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The EPIC Lecture Series 2017 is organized by EPIC and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and takes advantage of the presence of several prominent Universities imparting Engineering, and particularly Aerospace Engineering, in the Madrid region.

Prominent Professors and Scientists will be invited to give lectures on their field of expertise within Electric Propulsion (EP). The one-day EPIC Lecture Series will cover subjects ranging from electric propulsion principles and main technologies, present and future missions using electric propulsion, current technological challenges, relevant thruster subsystems, modeling and computational tools, experimental facilities and measurement techniques in the laboratory.



15th July Preliminary programme publication

11th Sept General registration opens until 7th October

15th Oct Final programme publication

26th Oct Lecture Series date

The number of participants to this Lecture Series is limited due to the limited availability of seats at the venue, so the registration is by invitation. Registrations will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis. Online registration is required and it will be open on the web in due time. After your online registration, you will receive a 1st email to confirm the reception of your online registration, but later you will receive a 2nd email confirming your final invitation by the organization.


We look forward to welcoming you in Madrid for what will undoubtedly be a fruitful Lecture Series.