EPIC Dissemination

EPIC Dissemination and Workshops

To support the dissemination efforts of the SRC activities and the space electric propulsion, the EPIC project is going to implement a series of dissemination workshops in order to ensure two objectives: an extensive exposure of the EPIC team work and activities to the external world (commercial, scientific, programmatic, etc.), and gathering of inputs, and to expand to the maximum the outputs produced during the EPIC project.

The first objective was achieved during the two workshops planned during the first months of the PSA life: at the mapping of the situation and at the SRC roadmapping phase.

The second objective is accomplished most specifically during three dissemination workshops to be organised between 2016 and 2019, to communicate on the roadmap implementation and give a periodic status of the situation to all stakeholders interested, ensuring the participation and presentation of all operational grants funded at the time, showing a coordinated approach and maximise the dissemination of the SRC progress and achievements.


EPIC Workshops

This is the list of Workshops organized by EPIC. Agenda, related documentation, presentations and useful information for the event can be found on each of the links:

  • 1st EPIC Workshop – Brussels [25-28.11.2014]
  • 2nd EPIC Workshop – Stockholm [11-12.02.2015]
  • 3rd EPIC Workshop – Madrid [24-25.10.2017]
  • 4th EPIC Workshop – London [15-17.10.2018]
  • 5th EPIC Workshop – ESTEC – The Netherlands [21-23.10.2019]
  • 6th EPIC Workshop – DLR – Cologne [04-08.04.2022]
  • 7th EPIC Workshop – Naples 2023 (TBC)



H2020 Info Days: 

As an important part of the EPIC dissemination activities, the PSA is supporting the European Commission in the H2020 Space Info Days to present the Electric Propulsion SRC calls and related documentation and presentations. Agendas and EPIC presentations in the events and conferences can be found on each of the links:

EPIC participation and attendance to conferences: