News | 04.10.2016

Electric Propulsion thrusters flown or ordered

Electric Propulsion is one of technologies that will increase more in next future, however it is hard to say how many Electric Propulsion thrusters have already flown or have been ordered.

To this purpose ESA and EPIC PSA have prepared a table with a list of Electric Propulsion thrusters flown or ordered for information, outreach and education purposes. This table shows the satellites with electric propulsion already flown or ordered. It contains information of the satellite, mission etc; and the Electric Propulsion type of thrusters and its main characteristics, operating mode, etc.


The table is available in this Link to the table. This table reflects the information we have available, but it could be nor complete nor exhaustive.

If you are an actor in space Electric Propulsion or in space missions and satellites, and you would like to complete this table and suggest any amendment or additional data, please feel free to send us an email with your suggestion and contribution.

Many thanks!



(Partial picture of the table available in this post)