Education and outreach of Space Electric Propulsion

EPIC Dissemination, Education and Outreach, aims at implementing, through various methods, wide dissemination of the EPIC project information, exchange and feedback to/from external interested parties and building education/outreach material (publishable in various media) for the promotion of Electric Propulsion and the SRC.

  • Organisation of educational material, trainings or contests, making use of the ESA and National Agencies educational programmes and resources.
  • Exchange and network with non-space sectors to identify opportunities outside the space field, presenting the PSA work at non-space events when possible.
  • Preparation of education material related to space and EP especially aimed at promoting the interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in grade and high-school students.

Education material available from EPIC Partners:

EPIC Education/Dissemination activities and material:

Education material available from other sources: