News | 14.03.2016

EC publishes the number of submitted proposals for the COMPET-3-2016 topics of the Horizon 2020 SRC on Electric Propulsion

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The COMPET-3-2016 Call of the SRC on Electric propulsion has been closed on the 3 March 2016. The EC has already published the number of proposals submitted for the 2016 Space Call and its different topics, including COMPET-3-2016, in the Participants Portal.

For COMPET-3-2016-a (Incremental Technologies), with an indicative budget of 18 M€, 3 proposals have been submitted, in response to the incremental development of the HET, GIE and HEMPT thruster-based systems requested in the call topic text.

On the other hand, for COMPET-3-2016-b (Disruptive Technologies), with an indicative budget of 5 M€, 18 proposals have been submitted. This shows a big interest of the Electric Propulsion community for the Disruptive Topic, favoured by the openness of this sub-topic to receive proposals on thruster concepts and transversal technologies that the proposers think could provoke a disruption in the Electric Propulsion field.

As the Commission webpage mentions; the evaluation of the proposals, including an ethics screening, is planned to start on the 11th of April and will be closed on the 20th of June 2016. Applicants will be informed on the outcome of the evaluations before the end of July 2016.

For more info visit the EC Participant Portal Call updates