News | 26.11.2015

Download the slides on the Electrical propulsion-SRC shown at the Brussels Infoday

Banner_Infoday_smallOn 10th November 2015 EPIC presented at the official Horizon 2020 Space Infoday in Brussels. Jose Gonzalez del Amo (ESA; Coordinator of EPIC) explained the principal idea of “Strategic Research Clusters” and the role of the “Programme Support Activity” EPIC. He also gave important background information on the call “COMPET-3-2016 – SRC – In-Space electrical propulsion and station keeping” that is currently open. You can download the presentation from the offcicial website of the Infoday.

Those who are looking for partners for project proposals within this call are encouraged to use the “participants search” function of the same website. Here you can filter the entries in the database according to fields of interest or event call topics. The search result for organisations interested in call COMPET-3-2016 currently shows 147 entries.