News | 23.02.2016

COMPET-3-2016 Video Briefing for Applicants and Evaluators

This video has been created by EPIC PSA as a briefing for the evaluators and applicants.

The objective of this video is to introduce to the H2020 Strategic Research Cluster on “In-Space electrical propulsion and station keeping” and serve as a briefing for potential evaluators and applicants for the H2020 COMPET-3-2016 topics of the H2020 space 2016 Call, by clarifying the Guidelines document of the COMPET-4-2016 and identify the key aspects of the Call.



Also a PDF version of the presentation performed in the video has been created with the text of the speech as notes:

EPIC Video briefing for applicants and evaluators (PDF version)


Additionally, in the section of the EPIC Webpage EPIC/ FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions is possible to find clarification to most frequent inquiries related.