News | 09.08.2016

11th European Space Power Conference ESPC 2016

ESPC-2016_PosterThe 11th European Space Power Conference will be held in Greece from October 3-7, 2016. (

In the ESPC 2016 will be a dedicated Round Table on “Cost reduction for PPU’s in Electric Propulsion”. Monday 3rd October (16:00-18:00)

EPIC PSA will participate in this Round Table with a dedicated presentation on PPU issues in the Electric Propulsion SRC roadmap and activities.

Round Table Organizers: (ESA) Matthias Gollor, Andreas Franke, Ben Fallis

Target audience: Electric Thrusters (ETs) and Power Processing Units (PPUs) suppliers and their customers

Round table summary content: Electric Propulsion (EP) is entering increasingly into commercial and institutional space missions. The success of EP is strongly linked to a high degree of competitiveness in terms of cost. The PPU is typically challenged as a significant cost driver. The round-table shall outline the perspective/views of PPU suppliers and designers:

What can be done to make PPU more competitive?
Can be interface made more suitable?
Which promising technology elements need to be focused on in the future?
Will modification of standards help?
What elements of technology roadmap can be useful?
ESPC is the forum of choice for whoever is interested in all aspects of electrical power for space applications, including PPUs for space electric propulsion.

The conference is intended to cover the three main topics of:

Power generation, with solar generators, of course, but also with other types of sources like nuclear or electrochemical ones (primary cells and fuel cells, among others).
Energy storage, largely dominated by batteries but where regenerative fuel cells show some promises.
Power management and distribution, a wide domain covering every levels of integration from the electrical parts to power subsystem architectures.
Location: Porto Palace Hotel & Conference Center, Thessaloniki, Greece

Date: October 3-7, 2016

Conference Chair: Henri Barde (ESA)

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